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Raising Doron (Ongoing)

Out of the 12 million children living in England, just under 400,000 (3%) are in the social care system at any one time. More than 80,000 of these children are children in care. My wife and I chose to adopt from local authorities. 

Raising Doron is a long-term photographic documentary project about our time as adoptive parents. 
After years of trying for a family, my wife and I decided on the route of adoption as the path that would lead us to be finally being parents. The adoption training, approval and matching process was long, arduous and uncertain. It was tough and made us think deeply about the kind of parents we hoped to be.
The long journey of the adoption process has concluded in the happiest way and the joy of Raising Doron has begun. This is a personal account of our little boy through daily milestones, day trips, family encounters and memorable moments. Cherishing the family we thought we might not have.
I am keen to share our story to normalise adoption and even to encourage people to enquire about the process. Adoption is not for everyone, but for us it has been the best thing.

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