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Lord of Misrule

In the quaint Wiltshire village of Pewsey an annual Beer/Wine Race sees crowds of people from the village and surrounding communities flock to the event. All take part in a fancy dress race as part of the build up the week before the annual carnival. A show case of English culture and convivial behaviour as a nation with a great love of gambol and silliness. It is modern variation on the Twelfth Night tradition in this Wiltshire village.  

Locals come out to play and dance through the streets, laughing and cavorting with alcohol 'til the small hours. The sounds of blaring music and raucous movement blast the countryside. The camaraderie and small town kinship are palpable. Each year political and trending fashions through music and pop culture shape the fancy dress themes.  

It's an excuse for all participants to let their hair down and act ridiculously for the night. 

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