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When walking through the ancient woodland of Savernake Forest I began to notice and document these ‘Wild Dens’ tucked amongst the trees, man-made but blending into the landscape. Since I have been documenting and collecting these little constructions, I have begun to piece together a body of work that to me represents individuality and imagination in the creators of these wooden dens.

Whether as a children's den that can be imagined into a play den or even wild camping connecting back to nature. Each den is completely unique in its structure, often intertwined with growing or fallen trees. Each den has a unique personal touch and design, they embody the imagination of its creator no matter their age. The more complete and grander dens perhaps constructed for wild camping also require imagination, to envisage what you can make with natures tools in a small proximity.

There is no GPS or way of knowing where these dens are located. Over time they will change with the seasons, become broken, disappear altogether or perhaps built up and added to by others.

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