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The Business and Daily Life of Dereliction

When the long established heavy engineering and fishing industries of West Hulls’ Hessle Road fell into decline, the fortunes of its population followed suit. The community missed the opportunities that other regions of the country enjoyed during time of economic growth. Poor location meant Hessle Road did not benefit from replenishing industry and housing like other more accessible and fashionable areas. A time of opportunity and prosperity has consequently been denied to generations.

The first question raised in my mind was, what happens to the people whose history and traditions are hard honest labour, family and close knit community? Established in miles and miles of terraced housing developed during the areas more prosperous times and now falling into decline and disrepair. The population feels forgotten and undervalued. One of the highest rates of youth unemployment in the country only exasperates the desperate situation.

This journey through West Hull has led me to produce a project that represents a part of Britain’s neglected industrial areas. How the population has been left feeling successive governments haven’t taken care of their community. They feel they have been conveniently forgotten. It’s become an area where comparisons can be made to less prosperous third world countries where young men and children, who skip school, collect scrap and turn disregarded household items into much needed cash. Long gone are the industries that brought prosperity and self-esteem. Now large floor plan shops promote the goods that will replace the appliances the new generation “rag and bone” men will collect, sell and see returned, reformed and re-shaped from today’s industrial giant China. 

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